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Lone Star Discovery is a “One Of a Kind” program developed and produced by Nichelson Entertainment. It features newly discovered jazz recordings from some of the worlds leading independent artists. It showcases great music from America and other international jazz “hot spots”. Much of this music is music seldom heard outside of its local region. Our goal is to expose these artists in a comprehensive way using the Internet, radio, and retail. The first phase is to get strategic placement of the Lone Star Discovery Compilation CD. This item will feature single tracks from various artists. It will display the variety and diversity of these fine artists. Most independent artists face difficulty in getting into retail stores. We view this as a grand opportunity for the artists to get exposure as well as bringing stores a “ready made seller.” Moreover, a portion of its proceeds will be donated to music programs in the region. To help with this, the inclusion of several regional acts will be prominent on the compilation. The creators of Lone Star Discovery discovered that listeners enjoy being entertained by good music presented in a unique quality program. Long time “jazz enthusiasts” find it exciting to hear sounds from future superstars before they emerge on to the national scene. And young urban professionals seek an escape from the formulaic programming associated with today’s adult contemporary radio. For those reasons the program appeals to a broad range of consumers. In addition to promoting the program via conventional advertising, our website, offers several interactive tools. Listeners around the world can enjoy streaming audio of actual weekly shows. Secondly, on-line visitors will be able to give commentary and suggestions in our address book. Further, artists can provide up to date information on current and future releases. By using our website, artists, listeners, and sponsors have a prime medium to interact and grow. Critics and supporters have commented that Lone Star Discovery has the elements needed to become a successful program.”

— Lone Star Discovery Compilation vol. 1