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We are thrilled to announce that vocalist Ardina Lockhart will be joining Fingerprints on many of our shows going forward. Ardina is a tremendous talent and has been featured on the band's CDs and live shows before. Fingerprints will be releasing new music with Lockhart in 2020. The band is also set to perform a Texas Tour in several major cities. Stay tuned for details here and on social media! 


More than just Music!

Welcome to our new and improved space on the web. Here you will find up to the hour news and info on our artists and other goings on in the music world. Our latest releases are from Fingerprints, Shelley Carrol, Kyle Turner and Josh and Eric Willis are all available on this site! We are very excited about these exciting new products.

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  The Dream Life CD from Fingerprints was released August 10. We have partnered with the Pacific Coast Jazz label for this great opportunity. Thanks to Eric Willis and Donna Nichols for believing in us and our music. Listeners have been feeling many different tracks from Dream Life. The title track has been on the Smooth Jazz chart for over 15 weeks. We look forward to seeing you all at an upcoming show. It's gonna be HOT!!!

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Currently getting airplay on the following stations:

Cafe Winnipeg Canada(syndicated on 26 stations)

D-Jazz radio (Dallas) internet

KAZI 88.7 Austin

KCCK- Cedar Rapids, IA

KCOZ- Point Lookout, MO

KJLU- Jefferson City, MO

KKDA 730 AM Sunday Jazz Show 3pm

KNON 90.9 Dallas

KNTU 88.1 Denton

KOKY Kentucky

KPVU- Prairie View, TX

KTSU 90.9 Houston

KUDL- Shawnee Mission, KS

KUNV- Las Vegas, NV

KYSJ- Coos Bay, OR Wichita, KS

Le Jazz

MCSK 88.5 FM Memphis, TN

Media Positive

Music Choice (cable/digital) (internet/NYC)

Smooth Jazz Sundays on 88.5 FM Memphis

The Jazz Show Q101.9 FM San Antonio, TX


WBCP 1580 AM Champagne, IL (Smooth Jazz Satudays 5-7pm)

WBCZ 88.9 FM

WCLK Atlanta, GA

WEAA- Baltimore, MD

WEIB- N. Hampton, MA

WGRV- W. Melbourne, FL

WHCR 90.3 FM ( show)

WINR FM Houston, TX

WITD- Jersey City, New Jersey

WJAB- Huntsville, AL

WJSU- Jackson, MS

WRVU 91.1 Nashville, TN

WSBR- Mission Viejo, CA

WSJW- Manheim, PA

WUMR U92 Memphis, TN

WVAS- Montgomery, AL


  Our man Kyle Turner has released his 5th CD, Wrapped Tight. This is for sure to get new and old fans alike in a frenzy. KT has called in some favors from some smooth jazz elite. First off, Kim Waters laced the title track and the soulful ballad, Reflections of a Kiss. Fellow Houstonian Chris Walker adds some stellar vocals to the Debarge hit, Someone. Be sure and hear some fine flute playing from Najee on the title track. Tim Gant produced a notable cover of the Grover classic, Santa Cruzin'. This record has some layers you will only discover after repeated listenings.

Hear it already on these stations:

KTSU- Houston

WCLK- Atlanta

KAZI- Austin

WJSU- Jackson, MS

XM Radio- Watercolors

Smooth Jazz show- Mobile, AL 1580 am- Champagne, IL




Check out this new documentary that we had the pleasure of working on and writing the main theme song. The track, I Am A man was produced by Scott Bomar and features some outstanding Memphis talent including the "City Champs" rhythm section. You will hear much more from this film as it continues to get critical acclaim from top film festivals. _________________________________________


We are deeply saddened by the passing of the very talented and thoughtful musician Sebastian Whittaker. Known as "Bash" he was a huge influence on players throughout Houston and the Southwest. This great CD was recorded in Houston with some of Texas' premier players. Sebastian and his band display the essence of truth and purity in this performance of originals and classics.

NE will be donating the proceeds of sales to his family and great legacy. R.I.P. Bash!




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