Production and backline rentals

We offer production support for all size events from a small house party to a full concert setting. Our experienced staff and professional contractors have the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations. Whether you need a single microphone or a full sound system, we have you covered. Below is a selected list of our gear.

Call or send specific needs to 214-295-6115 landline or email:


Gretchen Catalina drum set (sizes 10. 12. 14, 22 in BD)

Tama 5 pc Jazz drumset (sizes 10, 12, 14, 18 in BD)

DW 6 pc drumset (sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22in BD)



EBS Reidmar 250 Bass amp

Gallien Kreuger Legacy 500 Bass amp

Hartke 210 Bass cab

SWR SM400s Bass amp

SWR Goliath lll 410 bass cab

SWR Goliath ll 210 bass cab

SWR Working Man 15 cab

TC Electronic 208 Bass cab

Warwick 408 bass cab



Fender 4 string Jazz Bass

Fender 4 string Fretless Jazz Bass

Fender E/A guitar

G&L LB 100 bass (Precision style)

Modulus Quantum 5 Bass

Sire MM 2nd gen 4 string V7 Jazz Bass

Ken Smith BT 6 string bass

Vintage Rhodes 73 Suitcase KB

Casio 88 key digital piano

Korg Triton le  61 note KB

Fender Twin Guitar amp


PA and FOH gear

Behringer XR Air 18 mixer

Yamaha MG series analog 24 mixer

Allen and Heath Mix wizard 16

 Presonus Air 16 mixer

EV ELX 118 powered subs

EX ZLX 12p monitors

Presonus Air 12 powered speakers

QSC K2.12 powered speakers

JBL 115 passive speakers

JBL JRX200 12 in monitors

Yamaha CM 10 inch passive monitors

Assortment of mics including Shure SM 58s, Beta 58s, and SM 57s

We also offer various LED lighting options!