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Shelley Carrol/ I Heard That

Shelley Carrol's latest CD is entitled I Heard That and features the late legendary Texas Tenor, Marchel Ivery along with guest appearances from Ardina Lockhart, Roger Boykin, Stefon Karlsson, and other Dallas area luminaries.

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Shelley Carrol Quartet/Gentle Friend

Featuring Scott Bucklin, Jonathan Fisher, and Garry Granger. Nice price at CD Baby We love CD Baby and you will too!

Shelley Carrol/ A Distant Star

This swinging jazz CD has all the makings of a classic. Players include bassist Curtis Lundy, pianist Sebastian Whittaker, and veteran Bernard Wright. Carrol is one of the finest Texas Tenors of our time.

Shelley Carrol w/ Members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra

Debut CD from Shelley Carrol on from the critically acclaimed Leaning House Records! Featuring Tommy James, Sebastian Whittaker, Marchel Ivery, Barrie Lee Hall, jr. and more!